Saturday, June 23, 2012

My (Makeshift) Pantry

When we moved into our cute apartment while searching for our new home, a few things - the pantry being one - were not high on our list.  Once we moved in, it became apparent that unfortunately our temporary home doesn’t have what one would call a pantry.  So, we have truly combined our dining room and kitchen.  I suppose our storage system is much like open-cupboard cabinets.  Very pretty to look at but function and storage must be taken into consideration.  Luckily we had some nice storage pieces.  Glass containers are so much prettier to look at than a box.  So, cereal and pasta went into pretty containers.

The metal shelving found its way into the kitchen from the storage closet to hold the canned goods and coffee maker.  These larger coffee makers really are great for company or quickly making a large pot of tea.

The island cart came in from the screened-in patio to hold some extra dishes and non-canned goods.

Sneak peek into the cabinet under the counter.

What does your pantry look like?  Do you have a “real” pantry or a makeshift one like us?  Do you use alternate storage items for your staples?