Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chipotle Potato Soup

Inn on the Creek Potato Soup

I'm not usually a fan of soup that comes in a can or premixed because of the sodium content.  In fact, this one has 630mg of sodium per cup, which I feel is still too high.

Chipotle Potato Soup

A few reasons I do like this particular mix is because:
  1. It's made in the USA.
  2. It cooks in 15 minutes.
  3. Individual portions can be made.
  4. It's all natural.
I also like this mix for all its applications.  Not only am I able to serve this as a hearty soup, just by mixing water, to my family I can also add vegetables and use the mix as a base.  When we are lucky enough to have leftovers, we use it as a gravy over baked potatoes or enjoy it for lunch with a sandwich or salad.

This particular soup shown was made as part of a themed potluck dinner.

Three additional items that we happened to have on hand were added.  This dish was a big hit and one of the easiest recipes I've ever given out without having to write it down!
    Chipotle Potato Soup
  • 1/2 T crushed chipotle peppers
  • 4 sweet peppers
  • 2 C Frozen Home Fries
When we attend a potluck, I like to print out recipe cards for the dish.  That way those who want to make the recipe at home can pick up a copy without us having to ask for a pen and paper or my trying to remember who wanted the recipe and getting it to them.  I like it when people have their recipes available as well because I'm always looking to increase my personal recipe file.  Also, the recipe now has a history.  Each time I prepare the item for my family, we will remember that party or event.

Can you see all the ways this soup can be used?  What about adding broccoli or using this as a base for corn.  Salmon chowder!  If a little less water is used then the soup would be a little thicker and would be great over rice.  I can see adding some frozen sweet peas and albacore tuna to the mix and ladling it over toast.

Soup is one of those great meals I enjoy making.  No two soups are ever the same.  Whatever is in the freezer or refrigerator that needs to get used up typically goes into my soup.  Somehow, and I don't really understand, they turn out yummy!

How do you use a pre-made soup to enhance your meals?  What amazing meals have you made by shopping your pantry?  Isn't it great when you can stay home, save money, and still serve a delicious meal?!
P.S.,  Please share your family's favorite quick and easy meal.

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