Monday, June 11, 2012

June 2012 Money Management Challenge - Check Up

How are you doing so far with June's Money Management Challenge?  Are you remembering to save all your receipts?

DH and I are both taking the challenge.  The biggest thing that DH has found is remembering to ask for a receipt so he's had to write down a few purchases on a piece of paper.  He is keeping his receipts in an envelope and mine are stuck on the refrigerator with a magnet.

In honor of full disclosure; we thought about postponing this challenge to another month that wouldn't be as hectic, but wondered what month would actually work.  See, we've had quite a few unexpected purchases already this month.  In addition to that, we're moving into our new home and to top it all off, DH has to get a crown on one of his molars.  All this, and we're not even to Father's Day yet!  Whew (wiping my brow)!

But then, like we said, what month would have been more conducive to the challenge?  There are always going to be unexpected events or purchases for back to school, summer, vacation, holidays, birthdays, doctor appointments, car maintenance, or a new appliance.

The big purchases that seem to come from nowhere are important because we need to know how much to keep in savings for expenses such as these.  It's really the every day purchases that are the kickers eating away our savings every month.

Without looking at the receipts you've collected so far, can you guess how much you've spent?  I don't think I can.  I might come close since my receipts consist of groceries and pet supplies.  DH on the other hand doesn't even want to know!

So, keep saving your receipts and we'll get back together next Monday to talk more about how we're doing with the challenge.

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