Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Salt Dough Ornaments

Do you remember playing with homemade dough when you were little?  Oh my gosh, my middle sister and I would sit at the kitchen table for hours playing with our dough.  Mom would put a few drops of food coloring so we would have colored dough - like the kind that was available in the stores.  We would use cookie cutters, make our own shapes, blend the colors together to make another color.  We sometimes even saved our creations.
 Searching (falling down the rabbit hole) Pinterest one day, I came across this recipe
By Oleander and Palm.  Aren't her ornaments gorgeous in their simplicity?She puts her designs in the oven to dry.  I read in another blog that you can also air dry them.  So I did; and I used this recipe that uses cinnamon!  Oh, they smell heavenly!

I used cookie cutters on hand.  Here's the kicker.... patience was my friend.  It took about a week for the dough to thoroughly dry.  I started them out overnight in the oven with a damp paper towel.  I did this so they wouldn't crack.  However, we needed the oven - go figure.  The tray and all sat on the counter to dry.  I flipped the ornaments daily.  

These will be gift tags.  Some of the ornaments will be simple, like the grapes.

A toothpick was used to make the holes while the dough was still wet.  Wish I'd used a straw. Next time.

The natural color of the ornaments is so pretty.  I'm amazed at how light they turned out air drying.  The paint used is acrylic and marker.  All the ornaments are sealed with Mod Podge.

I'm teaching myself to paint and allowing myself to bring out the inner child and PLAY!  These aren't perfect, but they are from my heart. 😊

Have a Great Day!

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