Spells and Spiced Latte - a book review

  Spells and Spiced Latte: A Coffee Witch Cozy Mystery (Maddie Goodwell Book 1) Book by Jinty James Book 1 of this series had me at coffee.   So glad I took advantage of downloading this free (as of May 28, 2021) book from Amazon.  The title and adorable cat on the cover were sure to entertain me - and it did.  Yes, I am one of those people that chooses their books by the cover. This is a good, clean storyline that includes:  Maddie Goodwell, a witch; Trixie, her Persian cat and "familiar"; Maddie's best friend and business partner, Suzanne Taylor; and coffee. Maddie was seven years old when she found an ancient book titled "Wytchdraft for the Chosen" and learned one spell.  To this day, she is only able to do one spell - the coffee vision spell.  When  Maddie reads Joan's (one of her regular customers) coffee grounds, she sees Joan lying dead in the kitchen.  Within 24 hours the vision comes true compelling Maddie to solve the murder with the help of her be

Unfaithful - Audio Book Review

STOP what you’re doing!   This is a page turner.   In my case, e very excuse was made to listen and I finished in less than three days. Ms. Natalie Barelli’s story was brought to life by the narrator, Emily Rankin.  This is one of those books where the author, storyline, and narrator were in sync to maximize the listening experience. Without giving away the details: Anna Sanchez, our lead character, has the perfect career, perfect marriage, and two perfect children.  Then one of her students dies and her life begins to spiral.  All the while Anna tries to control the situation. Ms. Barelli doesn’t give anything away.  Lots of red herrings.  Ms. Rankin brings us into the story allowing us to feel every emotion, hear the stress, and the see each scene.  Every character had a distinct voice and manner of speaking. This is more than 5 stars.  I will read (listen) more of Natalie Barelli’s books.  In fact, I’m already listening to “The Accident.” Does it sound like I enjoyed this