Our Promise to You

Don’t let life get in the way of what you want!

Substance of Living is all about life.  We are not one-dimensional crafters, accountants, or parents.  We are all unique individuals with vast interests.  Use this site to de-stress, get re-motivated, gather ideas for dinner, and start (or further) your adventure to becoming more fulfilled.

Together, we will plan and accomplish our goals.  Plenty of websites will be offered as well as advice from experts.  Hopefully you will feel comfortable to send in your recipes, thoughts, ideas, or advice (you are welcome to do this anonymously if you’d prefer).  You are an expert at something and your “two cents” is worth its weight in gold.

Substance of Living features recipes, tips, organizational strategies, product reviews, reader questions and so much more.
Substance of Living’s goal is to provide the following list of items for your maximum benefit:
  • Recipes
  • Entertaining ideas
  • Guests Posts - Find out more about writing for Substance of Living
  • Calendar with daily menu suggestions - What format would you like to see the menu?
  • Money-saving ideas
  • Inspiration
  • Interview other cooking authors - Care to be our first?
  • How-to Videos - What types of videos would you like to see?
  • Recipe conversions
  • Product Reviews - Note to Companies: Would you like your product reviewed or included in a Giveaway?
  • Cookbook Reviews
  • Live Chat sessions - Would you prefer Google+ or Twitter?
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