Monday, June 18, 2012

The Art of Receipt Collecting

We've had two full weeks of receipt collecting with the June 2012 Money Management Challenge.  Hopefully it's starting to become second nature remembering to keep the receipt or to ask for one.  What system did you choose?  Are you separating your receipts by week, putting them all in one envelope, or sticking them all on your refrigerator door?

You've seen the commercials or magazine ads for Neat Receipts and the cool things it can do.  But do you really want to spend about $200 or more on a scanner or another piece of office equipment?  Probably not.

Since the object of our goal is to save money, we tend to agree with Jack Busch at GroovyPost when he said, "Why not use my iPhone and Google Docs’ OCR capabilities and roll my own digital receipt filing system?"   So here are some ideas to help you continue collecting receipts for budget purposes, work, or taxes without having to spend more money.

One of the larger organizations online is  Mint is a secure and free system that enables you to track your spending habits and help you achieve your savings goals.

A special thank you goes out to Bakari Chavanu for the reminder of Mint and also for introducing us (me) to  Lemon.  It's a free service and App for your Android or iPhone that helps you keep track of loyalty cards, receipts, business cards, or anything else you might keep in your wallet.

Erin at Unclutterer has a few ideas for handling receipts and whether they should be kept long-term.

Also, Susan Ward explains how she keeps her receipts organized for monthly bookkeeping and year-end taxes.

These are only a handful of ideas.  There are so many different methods of record keeping and Apps available but hopefully these can get you started.

Do you have a preferred method of record keeping or an App that you use?

P.S.,  Stay tuned for more Money Matters Monday updates.

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