Thursday, June 21, 2012

Are You Hungry? - Food Ministries

At a time when our Nation needs to believe in someone or something our Government Officials, Corporate Leaders, Churches, and Charity Organizations are being scrutinized.  Our leaders should be teaching us how to live without fear, prejudice, and greed.  Yet, here we are reading daily about our Country’s finest leading us down paths of homelessness and hunger.

Our leaders should be held to a higher standard and live accordingly to their preaching/teaching.  When an elected official says that we all need to tighten our belts and band together, then they too should curtail their spending.  When one of them gets caught using tax payers’ money for their personal gain then they should be removed from office and not receive their benefits such as medical and retirement.

If we can’t trust those telling us to trust them, then whom can we trust?  If a church official asks for donations to feed the hunger, then why isn’t he/she held accountable when that same money leaves the country or pays for other items?   Isn’t that the same as paying into Social Security and learning that the money isn’t there?

The first non-profit organization I remember hearing about that was in the headlines for fraudulent behavior was the United Way.   Not everyone at United Way was bad, only a small number.  Then again, it only takes one bad apple in the basket to ruin the rest.  This behavior, stealing or “cooking the books”, is especially despicable because of the number of innocent people that were affected.  All the charities and recipients were hurt because now people give less if they give at all.

This leads me into the discussion of The Angel Food Ministries and its founders Pastor Joseph Wingo (aka Pastor Joe), wife Linda along with sons Andy and Jonathan Wesley Wingo. Pastor Joe started The Angel Food Ministries around the Atlanta, GA area in 1994 and from that date through September 11, 2011 they helped feed families in 45 states and approximately 500,000 families across the country.   The Ministry also helped out non-profit organizations such as churches and senior centers by donating $1 for every box they sold each month. Unfortunately, according to Wikipedia, “In December 2011, the Wingo family and two others were issued a federal indictment for 49 counts of fraud."

In the wake of The Angel Food Ministries closing there is light ahead.  We need to maintain our faith in humanity.   As long as we continue to help others through donating our time, household goods, food, money, or whatever way we can, there is still hope.

We can change a nation one person at a time.

Two non-profit organizations that have stepped up and are helping many families are Smart Choice Food and Giballi.  They offer restaurant quality foods, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, family packs, products of USA or grown locally, and senior (diabetic friendly) prepared meals.  The menus change monthly and they also offer holiday menus.

These two programs work similarly to the way The Angel Food Ministries worked, and that you can order your boxes from their websites or from a local hosting site and then pick up your order on a specific date(s) each month.  There is no membership fee and everyone is eligible for purchase.

I hope these two organizations can help you or someone you know by reducing their grocery bill each month.  Have you purchased from either of these groups?  Do you know of any organizations that are helping out with groceries or feeding families?   If you know of programs that are helping families please let us know below.

Thank You!

P.S.,  A special thank you to Sheila M. Poole of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, wikipedia, Jeff Schapiro as well as Barry Bowen of the Christian Post Reporter for bringing to light what actually happened to The Angel Food Ministries, who “At the peak of the oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, Angel Food fed 40,000 people in Pensacola, Florida, for free on one day."

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