Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Sticky Stuff in our Lives

7-7-7 Challenge

Stuff is sticky.  I don't think I'm hoarder but I've certainly been known to collect things.  Now, I'm in the process of downsizing and simplifying.

I've assigned sentimental value to my collections.  This, I received for my 20th birthday; This, I bought while visiting Texas, This, oh my goodness, I can't get rid of this - this was found on the trail while hiking on a break during a bike ride.  The memories are there every time I look at an item.

What I've found over the past few months is that the memories are still with me.  I don't need the stuff to keep the memories alive.  In fact, some of the memories are allowed to slip away if they so choose.

Some items were sold on Craigslist, word-of-mouth, or through a moving sale.  The majority, however, were donated to local charities.  Then some of the things were passed along to family, friends, or neighbors.

7-7-7 Challenge

Initially, the thought of having to get rid of things for our upcoming move scared me.  I wondered how on earth I was going to live without my stuff.  That's how the 7-7-7 Challenge came to exist.  I felt that I could get rid of one item a day and at the end of 7 days, take a picture of everything.  That way my attachment to the item would remain but someone else would be able to enjoy it as well.  That idea gave me a warm fuzzy.  I feel that the karma of my letting go will bring good energy to it's new owner.

We've gotten rid of so much already and yet we still have more than we could possibly need.  Where and when did we start collecting?  We are in our new home and we are still getting rid of things.  In fact, we have an entire bedroom full of things that will be donated.

Each release frees me a little more.

I'm releasing the past to clear a path for the future by using the law of attraction.  Remembering is wonderful but living in the past stifles today and limits the potential of tomorrow.

7-7-7 Challenge

Take a look around your house.  Do you have boxes that haven't been opened in over a year?  Are you really going to fix that toaster or buy a knob for the radio sitting in your garage?

How do you feel after a garage sale or a trip to the nearest charity donation collection?

Have you said "yes" to the 7-7-7 Challenge?  Whether you have, or on the fence, or still not convinced, please leave your thoughts below.

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