Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cherry-Lime Vodka Martini

Cherry-Lime Vodka Martini

Sports and libations have gone together as long as the two have been around.  Golf is no different.

Since moving, I've been taking golf lessons so that DH and I can enjoy a morning out.

This past Thursday my instructor and I were talking about what drinks we enjoy.  We both enjoy a good martini and in honor of us sneaking on to the 10th hole, I wanted to celebrate him with a drink neither one of us have had.

Cherry-Lime Vodka Martini

For those of you who play golf, you know that the 19th hole is actually the libations hole.  In my case we snuck on (please don't tell anyone) for a quick terrain-reading course; which was in fact, the 10th hole.


3 oz. (2 shots) Lime flavored Vodka
1 oz. Grenadine

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