Thursday, August 16, 2012

Romantic Bedroom (Part 2)

Your Bed should be the focal point of the room

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Even though most romantic beds are typically depicted with a canopy, four-poster, or sleigh style, any headboard or artwork above the bed can make an impact.  If you don't have a foot board try using a bench at the end of the bed.

If your room will allow, try angling the bed in the corner.  Use a light that illuminates upward behind the headboard or a canopying plant.  Ensure that there are two nightstands, one for each side even if you live alone.

Use Fabric Anywhere


Do you remember or have you heard about Jackie Kennedy "wallpapering" an entire room in the White House with silk fabric?  If you're not ready to cover your bedroom walls in fabric, try covering the headboard or the wall behind the bed for added elegance and depth.
Mr. Kate

Small pieces of fabric can be stretched and framed and hung as artwork.  This is a great way to introduce color, dimension, and texture in a dramatic way without having to purchase large amounts of fabric.

P.S.,  How is your romantic bedroom transformation coming along?  Do you have pictures?  We'd love to see your projects!

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