Thursday, August 23, 2012

Romantic Bedroom (Part 3)

Candles and Fresh Flowers aren't the only way to incorporate Fragrance into your room.

Candlescapes, Inc.

Although candles and fresh flowers are beautiful, they can also be dangerous or expensive.  Instead, try spraying some of your favorite perfume on your sheets.  Don't want to use your perfume?  Try making some linen water.  

Another way to keep or change out your fragrances is to use scented plug-ins.  Potpourri sachets are also nice to keep in your lingerie drawer.

Lighting - The word alone can elicit romance.

apartment therapy


Different types of lighting can be used for a truly romantic feel; replace your old ceiling fan or lighting fixture with a  soft chandelier in the center of the ceiling.  Installing a dimmer switch even if you aren't able to switch out the current ceiling fixture instantly changes the ambiance.

Some other options for lighting include placing lamps on the nightstand that have dimmer toggles (low, medium, bright settings), add colored bulbs to your lamps, or another great idea is to hang smaller bedside lamps such as chandeliers you might use in a hallway from the ceiling above the nightstands.

Aren't these beautiful photos?  I can see using those candles on my coffee table during the holidays.  Wouldn't that be great?  Where do you like to use candles?

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