Thursday, August 9, 2012

Romantic Bedroom Ideas (Part 1)

Do you long for a vacation just so you can sleep in a beautiful room?  Do you wish your bedroom were larger or had an alcove?

A romantic bedroom should be luxuriously enjoyed on a daily basis.  Most women only dream of a romantic bedroom thinking the cost would be prohibitive.  Or they think that in order to have that romantic feeling the room must be fussy or full of antiques. 

Fortunately, with the generosity of many designers sharing photos of their finished projects, you and I are able to mimic on a smaller scale.

A few changes can turn a bedroom into a private oasis.  No need to wait for next year's vacation to enjoy sumptuous linens and beautiful surroundings.  Here are some inexpensive ideas to DIY your romantic bedroom.

Paint one wall or the whole room

House Beautiful
Stylist Home

Choose your favorite color or a color that has always elicited romance.  That color might be soft and inviting (cream, light blue, lilac, pale pink) or bold and passionate (red, silver, black, purple).  The color or colors you choose will set the mood for your room.

There are professional painters that can paint your entire room within a day but painting the room yourself is pretty easy and more fun.  Besides, there's a little bit of bragging rights when you do it yourself, but then again, having someone else do it enables you to spend the day doing something else - like SHOPPING!

Pillows seem to say, "Stay around for awhile."

Stylist Home

Pillows add that extra softness to the room.  Blend bed pillows with different shaped throw pillows.  Texture, color, and detail on the pillows makes the bed a little more inviting.

I hope you have fun choosing your paint color(s) and pillows.

Pillows are a fun way to accessorize.  They lend themselves nicely to DIY projects and keep a room fresh by changing out the fabric to an old pillow.  Angela over at Cottage Magpie has a really nice tutorial for covering a pillow.

P.S.,  What color is your bedroom?  What do you use to give your room that extra special feeling?

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