Saturday, August 4, 2012

Keeping it Simple

Earlier this year DH and I decided it was time for us to put down some roots and leave the highways to someone else.  We've sold all our toys, had a beautiful home built, and now in the process of moving.  In fact, we've been "moving in" for about a month now and still have two storage units of stuff and need to figure out where we are going to put everything.

Originally, about 10 years ago, we put our belongings in storage until we figured out where we wanted to live.  We kept out the necessities and moved from city to city.  We thought it might take a year or so.  In fact, some moves lasted a few years while other moves were only a couple months.  We like to call the latter moves "vacations".

Here is what we knew we wanted once we settled down:
  • Park-like setting
  • Community involvement
  • Great neighbors
  • Close to the city, hospitals, shopping, dining, etc.
  • Far enough away from everything and the traffic to feel a sense of calm
The list goes on.  In fact, we were beginning to wonder if we would ever find such a place that incorporated everything.  We would find beautiful homes but too busy of an area or we would find great neighborhoods too remote.  We were even looking at other countries.

We did find such a place and more.  We knew if we stayed true to our belief that we would find what we were seeking.  We even have a community garden where each homeowner has the opportunity to grow a garden and participate in community events with the bountiful harvests.  In addition to the benefits of sharing garden goodies, we won't have to look at a bare garden in our back yard during the winter months.

I'm so thankful that we began the 7-7-7 challenge a few months ago.  We are finding that we need so much less than we thought 10 years ago.  Then again, we are downsizing.  We like to feel that we are reducing our carbon footprint because of the size of our home, new materials used including the radiant barrier roofing.  We have even taken time to update some furniture through the wonders of a few dozen cans of spray paint and have found new homes through donation programs.

Our 10-year search was a lot of fun and we learned so much about each other and what we really want need in life.  I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to go through this life with an amazing partner.

Do you have a community garden in your area?  How have you learned to simplify your life?  How did you find out that you needed or wanted to simplify things?

Praying Hands

"Father, thank You for providing everything we could possibly need.  Please help us simplify our lives and bless others in the process."

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