Monday, August 27, 2012

Household Budget Worksheets

Are you like me and secretly wish you were more like Martha Stewart when it comes to your house, garden, decorating, entertaining, and just about every other aspect?  If only Martha could advise me on finances I'd not need look any further.

However, I've recently come to start channeling Suze Orman where my finances are concerned and went online today to find a spreadsheet by her and wasn't able to find anything.  She has several books about family planning, trusts, and why finances are so important but sometimes just the basics are needed.  Do you remember the show where the guy says, "Just the facts, Ma'am."? 

So, until Suze starts emailing me personally, here are some budget worksheets to get us started.  There are more out there for holidays, vacations, gift purchasing, weddings, and just about everything else.

Here are the basics...

Quick-Start Budget by Dave Ramsey

Household Monthly Budget by Practical Spreadsheets

Household Budget by Freebie Finding Mom

August and September are back to school for many families and that also means back to the basics.

What spreadsheet do you use to keep your family budget balanced?  Do you use other budget type worksheets or software programs?

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