Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Hairdryer...

My Hairdryer came with four pages of instructions.  I mean, really.  How difficult is it to plug it in, turn it on and aim at hair?  My comb didn’t come with instructions.

coffee pressI think sometimes we complicate our lives waaaay too much. 

For example, I am in love with my coffee press but one of my really good friends was going on and on about her new coffee-in-a-pod maker so of course (wanting to be just like her) I had to go out and buy one.

Don’t get me wrong, it is SUPER easy to throw one of those cups in the pod and push brew.  Presto! -- Freshly brewed coffee for one.  I really do enjoy this on the mornings that I have to get up early and don’t really have an extra five minutes to spare.

I don’t know but there is something gratifying in pulling frozen coffee beans out and grinding them fresh in the morning.  Then adding them to my coffee press and pouring hot water boiled on the stove.  Wait a couple minutes and a perfect pot of coffee is made.  IMHO

How do you enjoy your coffee in the morning?  Do you prefer drip, percolator, cup-in-a-pod, instant, or do you drink tea?  Do you like a flavored beverage?

Don’t drink either one – what is your wake-me-up-in-the-morning beverage of choice?

I digressed.  How did I go from a hair dryer to coffee?  Don’t even get me started on the number of pages that came with the new coffee maker!  Let me get back on track again.  Do you think I should read the instructions for my hair dryer?

P.S.,  Do you struggle with this as much as I do?

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