Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kirkland Creamsicle

Kirkland Creamsicle

This is an ideal out-the-door breakfast that is full of Protein, Vitamins B12, C, D , Calcium, and Riboflavin (not to mention all the other nutrients like iron, etc).

Breakfast is probably the most skipped meal.  How many times have you had good intentions to start eating breakfast every morning to find yourself running late and saying that you'll grab something on the way?  By the time you're able to "grab something" they are all out of breakfast items so you end up settling for a donut or a bag of chips.

Luckily for you, this delicious drink takes less time to make than the first cup of coffee.  No special equipment or brewing time required.

Shake, Open and Pour.
Kirkland Organic Soymilk and Orange Juice


  • 50% Orange Juice
  • 50% Organic Soymilk
  • 100% Enjoyment

This drink is also nice for a snack in between meals or a light dessert.

The Kirkland Signature Organic Soymilk (Costco's in-house brand) is a U.S.A. product that comes in a case of 12 quart-sized containers that are pantry-shelf stable until opened.  You'll most likely find a case of this, besides in my cart, at the back of the store where they keep the cases of juice, soft drinks and water.

DH and I enjoy this soymilk with cereal, by itself in a glass, as well as in place of milk in all our cooking and baking.  Although this is not unsweetened, there doesn't seem to be enough sweetness to overpower anything else.

I was not paid nor did I receive any product free or discounted for this article.

P.S.,  How do you like this soymilk compared with other major brands?  Does your Costco or wholesale club carry dairy alternatives?

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