Thursday, July 12, 2012

AHA! Use for Bobby Pins

Floral Bobby Pins

Aren't these the prettiest bobby pins?  My mother gave them to me.  She has the best taste in clothing and always has the coolest accessories.  As much as I appreciate the thought and gift, I don't wear bobby pins or barrettes that often.  I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them either.

Out of necessity comes AHA! uses.

I'd like to think myself a genius but it was actually my sweet husband who was in need of a paperclip and all I had within a few feet of me were these bobby pins.  That's where the idea of using these bobby pins as paperclips came along.

AHA! Use for a Bobby Pin

The other thing about these bobby pins that make them so perfect to do double duty as a paperclip is that they don't have the tips dipped.  These are also longer than normal bobby pins.

What if you don't have these pretty bobby pins that your mother gave you?  Instead of going out and buying some to use as paperclips, what if you made your own?
Rhinestone Bobby Pin as a pretty Paperclip
Here are some suggestions to making your own:
  • Bobby Pins
  • Use a craft glue, hot glue gun, or some other type of jewelry adhesive
  • Something pretty
    • Buttons
    • Ribbon
    • Broken Earring or Jewelry
    • Rhinestones
And you're done!

Can you see all the possibilities?

The next time you give a book, include one of these with ribbon or the person's initial as a bookmark.  Or how about a set of paperclips along with that beautiful stationery you created.

Practicality is nice but Pretty and Practical is so much better!

Rhinestone Floral Bobby Pins

How have you taken ordinary items and made them better?  Do you decorate your filing folders so you can keep them out on your desk or bookshelf?  Have you ever taken an old food can and made it into a pen holder?

Take a look at these DIY projects that show us how to make Pretty File Folders:

P.S.,  If you have a blog or photos of your desk or AHA! items you have created, please share them here.

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