Saturday, July 21, 2012

6 Qualities of Someone that will “Get the Job Done”

Have you every wondered how you are supposed to “find the right person for the job”?  With these guidelines you can quickly assess a prospective hire or at the very least know some key areas to bring up in conversation. 

How to spot the right person for any job, whether you are hiring a new team member or someone to paint a room in your house:

  • They are busy people
    • They know how to prioritize.  They are good time managers.
  • They are goal oriented
    • Which means they are ambitious.
  • They are not the “sales type”
    • They attract not attack.  They want to build relationships not one-time acquaintances.
  • They don’t know a lot of people
    • If they are new to the area or just starting out, they will be much more likely to want to develop a strong reputation.
  • They are good decision makers and not procrastinators
    • They don’t see themselves as victims of circumstance.  Not all the lights on the road are green at the same time!
  • They are family or community oriented
    • They are motivated by the needs of those around them.

Do you fit all six categories?  Have you found yourself in a position that you needed to make new friends or business associates?  Where did you go and how did you find them?

Can you see how these areas might make someone more successful?