Monday, July 16, 2012

Monthly Budget Planning in 6 Easy Steps - Step 2

Wearing a Mask Doesn't Always Protect Your Identity from Thieves
Wearing a Mask Doesn't Always Protect Your Identity from Thieves


The SECOND step is to protect your identity. 

Did you know that there are probably over 500,000 people, each year, that have their identities stolen?

Thieves have ways of stealing your personal information: They could hack into your computer, break into your home of office, riffle through your trash, steal your mail, steal your purse or wallet, copy your credit card information.  There are probably as many ways as there are thieves.

What specific items are these thieves seeking?

  • Credit Card information
  • Your FULL Name, Mother's Maiden Name, or any other information they may think you might use for your security codes or passwords
  • Anything with your Social Security Number, Tax Information
  • Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers
  • Your Family's Names and Addresses, Email Accounts
  • Where you went to School
I'm sure there are more items.  Think about the information you might provide on applications, tax forms, insurance, or school.

What can you do to protect your one and only commodity that actually belongs to you?  I'm talking about your IDENTITY.

  • Use the PRIVACY filter when using the internet
  • Pay and receive your bills online
  • Ensure the web address starts with https:// when you're filling in any forms or giving any personal information away
  • Do NOT click through on a link to a website you receive in an email -- Go directly to the website through your browser
  • Lifelock protects your identity from theft
  • Zendough is offered by Transunion and protects your identity from theft
  • Do NOT give out personal information or even confirm personal information unless you are the one who initiated the phone call or visit
  • Purchase a Cross-Cut Shredder

I didn't mean to scare you but identity theft seems to be a MAJOR deal these days and with the internet it is worldwide.  Your information may be stolen here but it could be used on the other side of the world.

What steps are you taking to protect your identity?  Has your identity been stolen or has someone attempted to open an account in your name?

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P.S., Please seek a financial adviser for in-depth analysis of your particular situation.  We are not financial advisers but have been in similar situations and want to pass along our experiences.

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