Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beautiful Patio Inspirations

Although it's the middle of July, it's never too late to start planning a patio garden or gathering landscaping ideas.  Here are some pictures that I took last week while I was out as well as some great ideas around the internet.

These ideas inspire the imagination.  How about a stay-cation in the back yard?  Turn the backyard or patio into a quaint deli for the afternoon or imagine visiting a luxurious bed and breakfast.  The fantastic thing about all these ideas is that they are absolutely do-able!
Isn't this a beautifully landscaped sloping back yard.  They have privacy and still have a view of the golf course.

Better Homes and Gardens
Even though this is actually a patio, it would make a beautiful sun room or a cozy area on a covered porch.  (Can you see the kitty?)

Better Homes and Gardens
Perfect.  Absolutely storybook perfect.  This is a lovely example of using the space between the house and garage or a small back yard.  Very rustic and yet tea-time perfect.

Potted Floral Garden on Patio
This and That in My Treasure Box
Beautiful arrangement with colors, containers, heights, texture, and I'm sure smell.  Can you see this as a backdrop to an afternoon bridal shower or the setting for a book club meeting?

Better Homes and Gardens
The colors in this setting draws me in and makes me want to linger for awhile.  Notice the various heights as they work out away from the patio offering privacy.

Better Homes and Gardens
Flower boxes are like welcome flags.  They open their arms and say, "Hi!  I'm glad you stopped by today.  Come on in and have some iced tea."

Planter Herb Garden
Southern Living
Herbs are timeless.  They are also really nice to have just outside the kitchen for cooking.  The other thing that is nice about them is that they are happy to grow in containers.

This lovely little garden is right out in the open for everyone to enjoy.  This tiny space, that joins the common area of four buildings, has a rose garden, watermelon and cantaloupe plants, cucumbers, herbs, potted flowers, and bird feeders not to mention all the other hidden gems.

Here is a fun way to have a garden, a view, and still have room for seating on the patio.

What are your gardening secrets?  Do you have a full garden, planter garden, or do you prefer the square-foot garden method?  Is your garden organic?

What does your ideal or perfect back yard or patio look like?

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