Thursday, May 31, 2012

Transorm Your Home into a Spa Retreat

Last night, DH and I were talking about cruises, retreats, bed & breakfasts, presidential suites, and how we can take those wonderful places and make them a part of our new home.  It's not like we have a staff of employees or a personal chef to provide us with turn-down sheets and specially made meals or to pack a picnic basket but we should be able to make the ordinary extraordinary.

We started bouncing around words and ideas that conjure up feelings of contentment: Aromatherapy, plush bedding, chocolates, fancy soap, luxurious towels, colors on the walls, bird feeders, sounds of the ocean.  Hey!  These are all things we can have at home - and at reasonable prices.

A retreat is a place where we go to be pampered, relax and to forget life's stresses.  Why not make our home our retreat?  We can start small by incorporating a few things at a time.  We will find ways around obstacles such as wanting a fireplace when we don't have one or have the space to bring in an electric one.


Potpourri, Candles, Incense, Soap


Clutter Free, Fire Place (DVD), Fish Tank (DVD), Lighting

Luxurious Linens

Cloth Napkins, Table Cloth, Plush Bedding

Our Goal is to be Stress FREE

Life can be pretty busy and and crazy sometimes.  We may not be able to completely create a full-time retreat in our home but we can add special touches throughout or create one room that is tranquil.  Vacations are wonderful but a lot of effort goes into planning.  Why not have a "stay-cation" and create an in-home spa? 

Can you see how adding a few touches here and there can make life a little easier?  Do you have a "zen room" or a meditation corner?  Do you have a favorite "recipe" for a spa treatment or do you have a "menu" of spa items?

P.S., Please remember to schedule some time today just for you.

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