Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Cleaner House ONE Task at a Time

"Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world."
-- George Bernard Shaw

Choose any five (5) days a week to do the following projects.  Try to do at least two items a day and to ensure that they are done, schedule them in your calendar.  Over a month's time, everything should have been done at least once, if not more often.  Some items won't be done at all due to the time of year.

I have not scheduled the amount of time each task will take because the size of rooms, number of people in a house, etc.  The first time you do each task mark down how long it took so that you know approximately how long it will take next time.  You will probably find that each task will end up taking a little less time as you get better organized.  You might be able to complete a load of laundry in while you clean the tub, sink, toilet, and floor!

Clean out the refrigerator while you're getting dinner ready or organize the freezer when you come home from the grocery store.

When will you have time to watch TV or listen to your newest book?   While you're sorting through a drawer or mending clothes.  You are a MASTER Multi-Tasker!


  • Sweep the Kitchen Floor
  • Wipe down the tops of the Kitchen Cabinets
  • Mop the Floor
  • Clean out the Refrigerator
  • Clean out the Freezer
  • Dishes Washed and Put Away
  • Wipe down all the Counters
  • Organize the Pantry
  • Organize a Kitchen Cabinet (next time choose a different cabinet)
  • Inspect Dishes for Cracks
  • Clean the Stove top
  • Clean the Oven
  • Cook (can you make a couple days worth of meals?)
  • Empty the Trash

Laundry Room

  • One Load of Laundry (washed, dried, folded/hung, put away)
  • Sweep the Floor
  • Mop the Floor
  • Iron
  • Organize the Laundry Room
  • Clean the Dryer Vent
  • Empty the Trash

Living Room

  • Dust the Living Room Furniture
  • Vacuum or dry/wet Sweep


  • Dust the Bedroom Furniture
  • Make the Bed
  • Change the Sheets
  • Vacuum


  • Sweep the Floor
  • Mop the Floor
  • Clean the Toilet
  • Clean the Sink
  • Clean the Shower/Tub
  • Empty the Trash


  • Clear off Desk Top
  • Vacuum / Sweep
  • Dust
  • File Papers (create beautiful folders or color coordinate such as water bills is blue, electric and gas is red, etc.)
  • Sort Papers
  • Shred documents no longer needed that contain personal information
  • Empty the Trash


  • Mow the lawn
  • Water the lawn and garden
  • Weed the garden
  • Empty out the Car (Remove trash, put away maps, shake out floor mats)
  • Update Car Maintenance
  • Repair Mailbox
  • Clean out the Garage


  • Change out the Air Filters
  • Mend the Clothes (Basic Sewing Kit)
  • Take Donation Items to your favorite charity
  • Windows!
  • Vacuum the Main Rooms
  • Move the furniture and clear away the dust bunnies that have multiplied
  • Organize a Drawer (junk drawer, sock drawer, etc.)
  • Put together a basket for window cleaning supplies
  • Put together a basket for dusting the furniture
  • Put together a Cleaning Supply Bucket (one EACH for Window Cleaning, Dusting, Car)
  • Have a fireplace?  Make sure it's safe for your next use
  • Sort through your Magazines, Books, and Newspapers
  • Weekly Grocery Shopping

Be sure that you schedule time for your Faith, Family, Work, and then cleaning and commitments outside the home.

Dates or days of the week were intentionally omitted so that you have more flexibility and freedom to do each task when you have time according to your own schedule each week.  Later on we will talk about scheduling time to maximize the most out of each day.  For now, hopefully choosing a couple items a day will help you find more time in your week to spend with the family or even a little personal time for yourself.

Do you schedule time to clean or do you do a thorough cleaning every weekend?  Would you like to see my calendar showing when I get each item done?