Thursday, September 27, 2012

5 Websites for September 2012

Websites I've learned about this month:

Last month we high-lighted 5 gluten-free websites and had a lot of fun.  This month, @Johnnyskitchenb lead with the most recommendations. Please join me in learning about these culinary websites.

Johnny's Kitchen

Johnny is "an Englishman living in the Mediterranean for many years".  He recently created Johnny's Kitchen and one that is surely to be around for some time.

"There is little in life to bring more pleasure than to sit around the dining table together laughing chatting, reminiscing and wining and dining on good honest home made food, made with fresh ingredients, care and love."

I truly hope you enjoy this gentleman as much as I do and have.

Bobbi has an amazing and uplifting story to share.

She openly states that she did not come from a "foodie" family which is incredible because you would not know it by her recipes.  Bobbi says she is "addicted" to cooking and prefers quality over quantity using fresh ingredients to enhance flavors.

She has been writing about food since 2011 and has won several awards.

Roast Duck and a Big Gooey Cake

Eliz, comes to us from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Roast Duck and a Big Gooey Cake is the story of a kitchen renovation that transformed a family.  She captures our attention with stories surrounding food, adventures, and travels.  She shows us that food still unites and not only on holidays.

Eliz invites us to "Sit back, read on and stay awhile. There's a dish or story here for you, and plenty of room at the table."  Something I plan to do often.

The Sensitive Pantry

Nancy is a foodie and comes from a line of foodies.  She has always enjoyed cooking and eating and most of her recipes are gluten-free, egg and dairy-free.  Many of her dishes are vegan.

Nancy is not a chef but one would never know that.  She says, "I look forward to sharing with you, but mostly I look forward to what you have to share with me."

Vintage Kitchen Notes

Paula writes from and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She is very busy and talented; she writes a food blog in English (which is actually her second language), writes another food blog in Spanish, owns Cafe Montenegro and she says her "other job is in the decoration business.  Handmade textiles."  Whew! She's one busy lady.  Please stop by and visit her when you get the chance.

I am continually amazed by all the talented people and their craft.  Whether that craft be in DIY projects or cooking.  It is a blessing they are willing to freely share with us.  If you have a website or know of an author that you'd like to see showcased please let me know.

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