Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Celebrations

The last Monday in May is Memorial Day providing many Americans with a three-day weekend unofficially kicking off  the beginning of summer.  Memorial Day is the remembrance of those who have died during war protecting our freedom.  It's a funny holiday because while we are mourning, it is also a day for celebration.  Celebration for the lives of those who have died, celebration of summer, celebration of the school break, in essence - FREEDOM.

What if we started a tradition of our own?  Why not celebrate life, remember those who have passed, and group many of the spring and summer festivities into one?  Think of the traditions golf tournaments, races, and other sports have and combine the best.

Mimicking some of the traditions of our favorite sporting events, we too can celebrate our winners in like fashion:

The Sports we LOVE!

Racing = Three-legged Race, Potato Sack Race
Football = Water Balloon Toss, Flag Football
Tennis = Ping Pong, Badminton, Volley Ball
Golf = Bocce Ball, Croquet
Boxing = Tug of War

The Awards!

  • The WINNER drinks Milk or sprays Champagne
    • How about drink milk or blow bubbles

  • The WINNER wears a Memorial Wreath
    • Create a Memorial Wreath made of silk red Tulips

  • The WINNER wears a Jacket
    • Have an Apron, Jacket or Floral Shirt

  • The WINNER receives a Trophy
    • Create a Trophy out of a Colander or from a Souvenir Glass

  • The WINNER receives a Belt or Buckle
    • Create a Sash

If you're looking for additional ways to celebrate this year's weekend, here are some more suggestions:

P.S.,  Have a safe and fun Holiday Weekend!

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