Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Items, 7 Days, 7 Months - Day 6

7-7-7 Challenge / Day 6

The first set of SEVENs is almost over.  Day 6.

I hit a little close to some memories today.  One of my all-time favorite plays is "Cats" and I had the privilege of seeing a performance in New York City.  Wow, what an incredible experience!  The porcelain doll is beautiful but it's time for someone else to enjoy the beauty and hopefully the memory of the performance or songs associated.

I'm comfortable with the decisions made today.  Isn't that what letting go and healing is all about?  I think sometimes we hold onto memories a lot longer than we should.  Memories are good.  Very good.  I'm ready to make new memories and in order to do so, my past memories need to make room.  The Universe is listening and already bringing new memories my way.  Isn't life exciting?!?

Today's Items:

  1. Porcelain "Cats" Doll and Stand
  2. 4 pair Socks
  3. Potholder I made a couple years ago
  4. Blouse
  5. 2 Lotions that came from a gift basket (I bought the package mainly for the basket)
  6. 2 Christmas Candles
  7. Hair Dryer

How are you doing with this challenge?  Have you come across any memories yet?  Were you ready to let go of the physical memory reminder?  Do you feel memories kept can outlive their purpose?