Sunday, May 6, 2012

7 Items, 7 Days, 7 Months - Day 1

7-7-7 Challenge / Day 1

Day 1:

I stood in my closet this morning trying to figure out what to wear and not seeing anything because my closet was so full.  I'm thankful for being blessed with clothing but do I really need so many things?  In fact, a couple months ago there was an article about "My Favorite 100 Things in My Closet" (the title was something like that) and you know, I didn't really think there was anything wrong or weird about it.  In fact, the author had beautiful clothes.  She had over 50 scarves, who knows how many shoes, etc.

I remember thinking that she was a very lucky woman.  Now, after accepting the challenge to eliminate 7 items from my house for 7 consecutive days over a period of 7 months, I'm beginning to think that I have too much stuff and yet I'm not sure if I can do it.  Not only do I have too much, it's costing me a fortune in laundry, storage, emotions, frustration in not being able to find something, and on and on.

Taking a deep breath, I quickly grabbed seven items from my closet that I haven't worn, doesn't make me feel pretty, or no longer have an emotional tie.  Here's what was donated:
  1. Skirt
  2. Jacket for Skirt
  3. Skirt
  4. Camouflage Shirt
  5. Dress Shirt
  6. Leggings
  7. White Shirt Dress
You know what?  I feel lighter already.  Oh my gosh, I had to hold myself back from grabbing more items and saying that they were for tomorrow.  Then the meaning behind the simplicity of seven items hit me - there is a healing process associated with all this.  Time is needed between each weeding process.  This challenge is about clearing the clutter but it's also about healing and changing our way of thinking.

What did you get rid of today?  How did this make you feel?