Wednesday, May 30, 2012

10 Delicous Tofu Recipes

Tofu.  You've seen it in the grocery store.  Read about the benefits.  Now you find yourself with a tub of tofu in your refrigerator and wondering what on earth you're going to do with it.

Here are 10 delicious recipes that ought to get you started.  Who knows, tofu might become your favorite "meat".
  1.  Spice Seared Tofu from the Gourmet Guy at Men's Health
  2. Crispy Breaded Tofu by Angela Liddon at Oh She Glows
  3. Baked Tofu by Kalyn at Kalyn's Kitchen
  4. Tofu Walnut Meat Balls by Helen Fried at What's Cooking America
  5. Quick Easy Vegan Tofu Vegetable Quiche at the Savvy Vegetarian provided by Lonica Lee Eisenbraun of The Organic Company
  6. Tofu Scramble with Spinach by Jolinda Hackett at
  7. Tofu, Lettuce, Tomato Sandwich by Eating Well
  8. Macaroni and Cheesy Tofu by Strollingtroll at Recipes with Tofu
  9. Grilled Herbed Tofu with Avocado Cream provided by chef and TV host Giada de Laurentiis at The Food Network
  10. Tofu Cacciatore by Kozmic Blues at
If you are gluten-free or vegan, be sure to substitute ingredients for your dietary needs.

What is your favorite "go-to" tofu recipe?  Do you prefer it in a smoothie or as a dip?  Did you have to substitute ingredients, if so, which recipes did you try and what did you use?
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