Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fitting in When You're Different

I've been writing off and on for over five years and for some reason after the first year I started hiding the fact.  What am I afraid of?  Is it that I write a blog and not actually for a magazine or newspaper or haven't written a book?  Will people look at me like I'm wasting my time or simply filling my time?

I mean, really, who am I to tell someone how to cook or manage their finances?  I'm not a certified chef or account.  I'm not a doctor.  I'm someone, maybe like you, who struggles to get through their to-do list.  In fact, DH teases me that I'm the only person he's ever met that has little pieces of paper and lists everywhere.  It really is kind of funny.

Over the years I've learned to be the coach giving a pep talk before a game to his team.  I am the coach and the team at the same time.  Somehow God or some might say the Law of Attraction sends people my way who are kind and willing to befriend me.  They aren't anything like me.  They are highly educated, meat eaters, bread lovers, smokers, fitness buffs, and yet they befriend me.  I've met business owners, actors, interior decorators, artists, pilots, doctors, and other amazing people that I'm privileged to call friends.

You may be a farmer, banker, business owner, or a stay-at-home wife and mom.  People are waiting to meet you.  I'd like to meet you.

Do you remember the last time you stepped outside your comfort zone and befriended someone or joined a group that was different from you and your background?  How did that make you feel?  Did you notice your new friend or the people in the group were just like you - wanting to be accepted?

We are all different and unique. 

That's what makes us special.  Your background and view on life is uniquely yours and you can have a positive impact on someone else.  You are an asset to a group.

So, go out there this week and step outside your comfort zone.  Take a baby step and look into groups that you wouldn't normally consider - political, gardening, history, finance, cooking.

I think I'd like to attend a Democratic and Republican meeting.  How's that for stepping outside my comfort zone!  It's embarrassing to admit, but I really don't know much about either party.

How are you going to introduce yourself to the world this week?

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