Monday, September 17, 2012

Decorating with Feng Shui to Increase Your Wealth

Let's face it, it's tough in today's world.  More people are out of work, working two jobs, in debt or "under water" with their homes.

How is the ancient art of Feng Shui going to help?  It is said that through decorating your home or office using the Feng Shui principles you will reap the benefits of:
  • Better Health
  • Increased Prosperity and
  • Better Relationships
By making subtle changes to your environment you can positively affect your life.  The subconscious mind understands chi (the subtle flow of energy) even though we may not.

Think of a time when you walked into a store and the lights were too bright and the place felt harsh.  Or take the store that the lighting was too dim.  Did you feel clean or were you looking around wondering what was in the corners?  A room that is too bright can feel aggressive and one that is too dim can feel weak and secretive.

The same theory can be used with a room that is full of stuff.  Antique shops can often have the feeling of overcrowding so that the most beautiful of items aren't even seen.  Then an extremely upscale store can have only a couple pieces and the occupant can often feel like the center of attention and a little intimidated.

Both scenarios are about balance.  The more balanced and free of clutter a room is, the more comfortable the occupant.  When we feel comfortable, we are more open and artistic.  When we are surrounded by clutter, we are scattered.

A clean wallet or purse is another example of easily finding money and the overall sense of empowerment.

Getting back to decorating with Feng Shui and art of increasing wealth, focus on the flow of positive chi.

  • Remove any clutter.  Clutter blocks the flow of energy and can make you feel stagnate or irritable.
  • Surround yourself with items that speak of money.  This can be coins, healthy plants, or even a water feature.  This will be different from person to person or from one time to another.  Wealth looks or feels different to each of us.
  • The feeling of your wealth area should be that of abundance.  Does a bouquet of fresh flowers or a new paint color on the walls give you that feeling?  How about a gold frame to hold your first dollar or favorite art?
  • Keep your entry way clean and clear of obstructions.  This is the first area of your home or office people see.  What first impression do you want to give?
  • Own the best that you can afford (without incurring additional debt) and keep it in good working order.   Sometimes the cheapest items is the most expensive in the long run.

There are practical aspects about keeping a place clean and free of obstructions, treating items with respect, there is also a psychological benefit.  Often by clearing out and really seeing what we have and what is important to us, we can often see that we have more than we ever dreamed.

Are we paying to store our possessions in a storage unit somewhere?  Do we live in a house that is costing us too much so that we can keep our things?  What is inside our closets or cabinets?

So then, how can placing a plant or an object of art bring wealth or success our way?  Once we believe we are worthy,  then we will begin to receive.  If you can believe in the Law of Attraction then believing in Feng Shui is much easier since they both use energy and the universe to attract.

We don't actually see the energy flowing around objects.  I believe the magic of Feng Shui is faith.

Have you noticed a difference in your life since using Feng Shui?

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