Thursday, September 6, 2012

Adding Romantic Touches Throughout the Home (Part 1)

Romance can be synonymous with Relaxation
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Clutter kills romance.  Have you ever tried to relax in a messy room let alone feel romantic?  There are so many clever ways of containing clutter (our daily life) today.  A decorative basket or bench with storage can hold extra blankets, pillows, clothing, work or family papers, etc.

A clean room adds a feeling of serenity and with a few pieces of art or sculptures strategically placed the room can have a feeling of romance.  Each item added to the room should invoke the sense of calm, romance, serenity, simplicity.
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Do you remember your last vacation to the beach and how relaxing it was at night to hear the waves?   Or imagine walking through a rain forest or lying lazily along a babbling brook.  Adding a sound machine, aquarium, or a relaxing fountain to your room can invoke some of those memories or feelings.
A soft breeze kissing your skin . . .
Ventilation will keep the airflow moving throughout the room.  No stale, stuffy air in your newly renovated romantic room.  Ways to bring in fresh air are to keep the windows open, installing a ceiling fan, or an air purifier.
Creating a romantic room can be completed using items you probably already have.  There is no need to spend extravagantly.  Do you have beautiful curtain that can be dyed and re-used?  With a little creativity and maybe some paint or dye, your room will be a romantic reflection of you and your home.  

There are no "rights" or "wrongs" when you decorate through self-expression.  Think of what image or feeling you want to portray and then go for it.  If you like something and it doesn't quite "feel right" try moving it to another area in the room.

You are beautiful and you deserve a room that reflects you.  Let your creativity shine!

P.S.,  Have you re-decorated a room lately?  Or maybe you added a new piece to change the feeling in the room.  Please tell us what you have done and if you have a blog or website that shows your work, please add it (but remember to add our link to your site as well for some link-love).   :-)

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