Sunday, April 8, 2012

Throw Those Instructions Away!

Throw those instructions away!  Who reads them anyway?

Can you imagine if our lives came with instructions?  I don’t know about you but my instructions would be so stained, tattered, and marked up and not because I’m following them!  They would be that way because I need a coaster for my drink, a scrap piece of paper to write a note, or tattered because of all the uses (other than intended).

Let’s forget about what “They” think we should do with our lives.  So what if we enjoy taking a day off and doing nothing but lounging around or spending the entire day in the garage or shopping?  It’s our form of a mental vacation and don’t we deserve to be selfish once in a while and take care of “Numero Uno”?  When we are super-charged, we are more equipped to handle everything else that pops up.

Have you ever wanted to start a side business or a build a shed?  Did you keep your dreams quiet or did you go out and SHOUT it out to the world?  OK, I’m with you, some things we need to keep mum about and go on our merry way.  That’s why niche neighborhoods have popped up all over the Internet.  We have created our own little world and what a FABULOUS world we have.

So, take a moment and revel in your personal blue print you call “Life”.  You are a caring, responsible, fun, exciting, life-living person!

How are you going to spend your next “mental vacation”?  Please tell us below or let’s see if we can brainstorm together.