Wednesday, April 11, 2012


One of my favorite websites is Sew4Home.  I’ve been following their inspirations for over two years now and they continue to come up with new projects I have to try.  Now that my lovely husband and I will be moving into a new home, it is time to prioritize the projects and showcase them.  We will need window treatments, new or rejuvenated bath linens, beautiful storage solutions and many more items that are making my head spin.
As of today we are choosing the paint colors for the walls.  We picked up swatches yesterday and have way too many to share at this point.  We do know that we want light colors, ones that will remind us of coastal, Mediterranean, comfortable living.

Our goal once we are done, if that is really ever a possibility :-), is to have the kick-off-your-shoes casual elegance where those who enter feel comfortable and welcome.  We will share more as the building and decorating process continues.

How did you decorate your home?  What areas gave you the most thought or concern?  What do you love about your home and why?  Please share your thoughts, as we certainly aren’t interior designers and always looking for input.