Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Dinner 2012

This year, I’m trying something new for our Easter dinner.  We often find ourselves going out to eat and for some reason it feels like the day lost a little of its meaning.  I know the day is about Jesus and of course family and it doesn’t really matter where we eat except what about the employees who have to serve us?  What about their family?

We are going to stay home and have some of our neighbors come over.  We will start our dinner with crisp baguettes (wheat-free/gluten-free bread cut into quarters and double toasted in the oven with olive oil) layered high with a fresh oregano or mint leaf, roma tomato slice and olive tapenade.

For our main dish there will be a soufflé (if you haven’t tried your hand at one yet, here is a simple version) and served with grilled asparagus spears drizzled with lemon juice.

Throughout the afternoon/evening a platter of fresh fruit and cheeses will be available as well as some Riesling wine and iced tea.

How can dinner possibly be complete without dessert?  I think maybe a nice sorbet or roasted pear.

How will you spend Easter this year?  Do you have a family tradition?  Have you tried having a holiday dinner or special occasion dinner without the presence of meat?

***Happy Easter***