Friday, October 4, 2013

DIY Scary Halloween Costumes

There's still plenty of time to make your own scary costume.  Choose from one in the list or expand on one of the pictures below.

Scary Halloween Costume Ideas:

Electrified Halloween Costume as seen on Costume Pop
Electrified Halloween Costume

Scary Headless Body Halloween Costume as seen on Coolest Halloween Costumes
Headless Body Halloween Costume

Cereal Killer Halloween Costume by Shorebread
Cereal Killer Halloween Costume

Girl from The Ring Halloween Costume as seen on The Daily Green
Girl from "The Ring" Halloween Costume

Are you scared yet?

After seeing these ideas and allowing my imagination to run wild, I'm not sure if I'll be going anywhere or opening my door on Halloween night.  BWAAAAHHHH!

Think of things that used to scare you as a child.  What scares you today?

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