Thursday, August 8, 2013

Creating a Minimalist Wardrobe (7-7-7 Challenge Revisted)

Minimalist Wardrobe by The Force fo Happiness
Minimalist Wardrobe

When did my closet become no longer a place of respect for dresses, pants, shoes, tops, and become a dumping ground?  Somewhere along the line, I became a hoarder of clothes.

It is time to finish the 7-7-7 Challenge and start it anew.  Hard earned money purchased all those items that are now sitting in my closet.  Seriously, with our move last year, I'd hoped to have completed this challenge.

Thankfully there is still time in the year to act on this year's word - RELEASE.
7-7-7 Challenge Revisited by Substance of Living

7-7-7 Challenge Revisited by Substance of Living

Not that I've mistreated my clothes, that's not it at all.  I don't wear them and that is neglect.  Every couple years it seems as though my tastes and lifestyle changes and yet clothes of the past remain.  That's not fair to the clothes.

Do you still respect and love your clothes from two or more years ago?  Are they still your favorite go-to?  Does that dress that used to make you feel so slim, beautiful, and sexy still make you feel that way?  If not, then those possessions have become things and sticky stuff at that taking up precious real estate in your closet.  Who knows, maybe you've had to move into another closet to house your seasonal clothes.  Do you really remember what is in the other closet?  I can tell you, I don't.  Furthermore, I really don't remember all the clothes and things I've given to charity over the years.

Once I've eliminated everything that no longer fits, items I've not worn in some time for whatever reason, and things that no longer make me feel uplifted and comfortable, I will follow this wardrobe basics checklist.

My life is pretty casual these days.  That doesn't mean that sweats is the outfit du jour.  Then again, it seems that was pretty much what I lived in this past winter.  That is about to change!

My ideal wardrobe will have a few pair of jeans that flatter my figure, adorable T-shirts to wear with the jeans and maybe a casual jacket over.  I want skirts that can go from dressy to casual.  A few blouses, some of which are already in my closet can stay.

13 Pieces 31 Different Outfits by Money Saving Mom
13 Pieces used to Make 31 different Outfits

I really like the simplicity of these two wardrobes.  Wouldn't it be nice to have more room in the closet and throughout the house if we had fabulous basics and used trendy things as accent pieces?

A minimalist wardrobe is truly ideal for many reasons:

  • Reduce Clutter
  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Increase Space
  • Put-Together Looks at all times
  • Save on Laundry and Dry Cleaning
  • Psychological FREEDOM
  • Everything will have a proper place

So, out of respect for myself and others, I'd like to pose a challenge of sorts.  For each item that comes into my home, it should:
  1. Have a purpose.
  2. Have a place.
  3. Replace one if not two items.
  4. Therefore, one or two items must leave my home.
  5. Must be something that brings joy or meaning.
The items removed from my closet will be donated to charity or taken to a consignment store in hopes of sharing good will to others and sending out positive karma.
What does your closet look like?  Are you facing similar struggles and how are you handling them?

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