Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chair Covers for Parties and Weddings

Do you ever think about decorating your chairs when hosting an event or gathering?  I'm beginning to think that chairs are like jewelry.  The outfit (room or table) is beautiful but the chair (jewelry or accessories) make a statement and complete the ensemble.

Decorating a chair can be as simple as tying a sprig to the back of a chair or as elaborate as a floor-length "dress".

Holiday Chair Decorating by BHG
Mistletoe / Holiday Chair Cover

Rosemary Sprigs and Burlap Chair Cover by Indulgy
Rosemary Sprigs and Burlap Chair Cover

Bride and Groom Chair Covers as seen on Eventine Designs
Bride and Groom Chair Covers

Embroidered Bride and Groom Chair Covers by Janice Ferguson Sews
Embroidered Bride and Groom Chair Covers

Wouldn't it have been "THE BEST" if you showed up at school on your birthday and had a special cover over your desk seat?  How cool would that have been?  Or how about draped over the restaurant chair?  Can you imagine having been able to sit at the head of the table - not only that but with a special chair cover giving homage to you and the day?

"Happy Birthday" Chair Cover by Campbell Creations
"Happy Birthday" Chair Cover

I actually found this next picture on Tip Junkie and visited the Trendy Tree store but as of writing there weren't any chair covers to view under the party decorations link.  This was my first visit to the store and WOW! were there some deals.
Every Little Girl is a Princess Chair Covers as seen on Tip Junkie
Every Little Girl is a Princess Chair Covers

Tutu Chair Covers by Bella Flora of Dallas
All Dressed Up Tutu and Satin Chair Covers

I think my Super Hero husband would have LOVED this Spider Man themed party when he was little.  I can envision him jumping off furniture "flying" across the room with his cape to save the world.

Super Hero and Spider Man Themed Chair Covers by Kids Parties 123
Super Hero themed Chair Covers

Have you ever thought about using chair covers or decorating a chair back?  Where do you buy your chair covers or do you make them?

P.S., DH, you'll always be my hero!
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