Thursday, June 6, 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas 2013

I'd like to start with a personal note by saying, "Happy Father's Day, Dad!"

Father's Day is a time to reflect on the men who have made us who you are today.  These men may not have been our dad and they might not have even been a dad.  They did, however, play an important role in our life.  Sometimes we are molded by a smile or a few words of encouragement.  Sometimes it is a hug.

Who are fathers?  Are all fathers dads?  No.  They can be Coaches, Teachers, Big Brothers, Supervisors, Neighbors, Uncles, Strangers.  They teach us through love and support.  They instill in us honor, pride, honesty, self-respect, and inner strength.  They show us how to give our children and future generations a chance.

Have you been looking at your dad and wondering who he is or what he even enjoys?  Remember back a few (OK, maybe more) years and think about how you spent time with him.  Were you in the garage working on engines?  Were you building with wood?  Did you spend hours in the park or back yard throwing balls?  These things were what he loved and his eyes will light up with the thought of making new memories with you.  Isn't it funny what dad's remember compared to what impacted our lives?

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Think about what Dad (or a Father of your choosing) likes to do now.  What are his new hobbies?  Can you help him?  It doesn't really matter what you do, any time he can spend with you is a cherished memory.  
  • Is your father the outdoor type? If so, then he will love a pair of Binoculars.  Depending on the type, he could use them for watching birds, seeking out animals while hiking, enjoy front-row viewing even though he is in the back of the theater or stadium.
  • Perhaps dining alfresco is his thing.  In that case, he will really enjoy one of these Picnic Backpacks.  Regardless of which backpack is chosen, your father will be prepared when hunger strikes.  Some even have a place for a wine bottle and glasses.
  • Does he consider himself "The Grill Master"? Then how about a new Grill, some Accessories and a Cookbook or two so that everyone else will agree that he is indeed "The Grill Master" of all Masters.
  • Still not sure what to get him?  How about a Gift Card. 

It really doesn't matter how you spend the day or what gift you give your father.  He will always love you for the person you are.

P.S.,   How will you spend Father's Day?  I hope it is the best day of the year.  Well, besides your birthday and possibly anniversary. 

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