Thursday, April 11, 2013

7 Folded Napkins (Napkin Oragami)

The next time you set the table, whether eating take out or entertaining, try dressing up your table with one of these folded napkins.

Jessica Jones, a graphic and textile designer, has a super easy tutorial over at How About Orange to add a special touch for the man in your life or how about paying homage to Dad this Father's Day.  If you use bright floral napkins, this shirt could also be great for a luau or beach party.
Napkin Shirt for Father's Day by How About Orange
Napkin Shirt

Nancy of Nancy Creative shows us how to create this beautiful napkin bow.  Can you see this on your table for a special evening?
Napkin Bow Fold by Nancy Creative
The Bow Fold

Nancy, but this time from Nancy's Daily Dish sets a beach table and uses a simple knot for her napkin fold.  So easy and very elegant.
Knot Napkin Fold by Nancy's Daily Dish
Knot Napkin Fold

Mrs. Brown (Patti to her friends) and Abbie from Blossom and Posies show us how to create a pocket to hold our utensils.  Some other uses for the pocket might be to hold a photo of each person so they know where to sit (in place of name cards) or slip the menu in the pocket.  Another use might be to use the pocket to hold a gift.

If you haven't had the privilege of visiting this site yet, please be sure to stop by and see all the activities a mother and daughter can do together.
Pocket Napkin Fold by Blossom and Posies
Pocket Napkin Fold

This next napkin, the fabulous crown fold by First for Women Extra might be perfect for an afternoon tea or to denote the birthday girl or boy or to honor someone at the table.
Fabulous Crown Fold Napkin by First for Women
Fabulous Crown Fold Napkin

Julie from The Family CEO shows us how to fold a napkin that is perfect for any day or occasion.
Easy Napkin Fold by The Family CEO
Easy Everyday Napkin Fold

This last napkin is actually paper but is easily created with a cloth napkin.  Chinet has a really easy tutorial showing exactly how to create this poinsetta.  I think this would be pretty with any type of flower in the middle depending on the time of year.
Poinsetta Napkin Fold by Chinet
Poinsetta Napkin Fold

I'm so excited to try each of these folds that tonight will be the first.  I think the napkin by Julie will be the start.  How do you fold your napkins when setting the table?  Which will be your first napkin fold to try?

Do you use cloth napkins?  If so, why and how much money do you think you save each year?

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