Thursday, April 25, 2013

10 DIY Wreaths for All Occasions

What is your first impression of a home when you see a wreath hanging on the front door?  Do you get a warm and fuzzy feeling of welcome?  Does it feel as if it beckons you to celebrate?

I have this thing about homes with wreaths.  This is part of the voyeuristic side of me coming out.  When I'm out driving around or walking, I will often stop and take a picture of the door.  Do you do that?  Please tell me I'm not the only one who takes pictures of other people's doors or lawns.  Okay, that sentence sounded a little creepy.

Enough about me. . .

On with the Wreaths!

10 DIY Wreaths

Trisha of The Sweet Survival starts us off with a whimsical Easter wreath.  Imagine this colorful wreath on your front door, in pastels such as this one or in colors that match your decor.

Egg Yarn Wreath by The Sweet Survival
Easter Egg Yarn Wreath

Have you seen the fantastic scenes Designer Eddie Ross creates?  I'm not talking tantrums but beautiful tablescapes and wreaths.  Breathtaking.

Pastel Ornament Wreath by Eddie Ross
Eddie Ross

Amber has created a super sweet wreath that would be perfect hanging above the headboard in the guest room.  Isn't the contrast between the sweetness of the wreath and the weathered window pane great?  Can you picture this wreath at a party or wedding reception that is held outdoors in a rustic setting?

Super Easy Spring Wreath by Classicly Amber
Super Easy Spring Wreath

Are you forever trying to figure out what to do with all your scraps of fabric?  Do you have some fabric that you absolutely love but don't know what to do with?  Or how about an old dress that is made from pretty fabric but can no longer be worn for whatever reason?  Little Birdie Secrets has the perfect solution.

Heart Wreath by Little Birdie Secrets
Heart Wreath

The next two wreaths came from a walk around my old neighborhood.  They are so different and yet both have some natural aspects mixed in.  What do you think of these?  Which would you try to make first?

Natural Heart Wreath

Scrap Fabric Wreath with Flowers

Have you seen these parasol wreaths floating around on Pinterest or other social media sites?  This one brought to us by Oriental Trading is a little smaller than the door wreaths but just as adorable.

This parasol umbrella wreath is perfect for a summer, luau, or beach themed party...

Parasol Wreath by Oriental Trading
Parasol Wreath

When I look at this beautiful wreath it reminds me of Downton Abbey.  Do you remember the hunt episode?  Pink Dogwood Blossom paired the perfect backdrop by using a black door for this natural wreath.

Holiday Wreath by Pink Dogwood Blossom
Pink Dogwood Blossom Wreath

Jenny of Days of Chalk and Chocolate has some of the most creative ideas.  If you haven't checked out her website yet, you might want to hop on over there.  Maybe not this split second because there is one more wreath you need to see.

Halloween Glam Wreath by Days of Chalk and Chocolate
Halloween Glam Wreath

Meaghan from 2 Sisters 2 Cities came up with this beautiful Hanukkah wreath tutorial over at Juggling Act Mama.  Although this wreath wears the colors of Hanukkah, it is so pretty that it could be used as a Holiday wreath in general.  Picture this wreath hanging on the wall over the drink table for New Years's Eve.

DIY Holiday Wreath by 2 Sisters 2 Cities on Juggling Act Mama
Holiday Wreath

How do you welcome guests to your home?  Do you hang wreaths throughout the year or only during the holidays?  Is the wreath on your door the icing to your front door entryscape?

Please share your opinions, front porch decorations, and of course your wreaths with us.  You may link to your post in the comments section.

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