Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hosting a Tea Party - Part 2

The Inaugural High Tea Party committee (me and my good friend) met and brought to order our second meeting and hopefully to finalize our plans.

Well, finalization was not in the order for the day.

The first thing on the agenda was to look at the invitee list.  Wholly Moley!  We had over 20 potential guests that we thought from the overall list would respond favorably.  Oh my goodness, that was way more than either one of us could properly host in our homes.

However, knowing the ladies in the neighborhood, we thought we would be able to successfully get together for a tea on a quarterly basis.

Step back and punt.

First, we went online to see if there were any "official" tea houses within an hour's drive from the neighborhood.  Then we started making phone calls.  We are in the south and for some reason, there aren't many tea drinkers.  There are a TON of coffee places.  We did talk to one gentleman whose restaurant is not a tea house nor has hosted a tea party but he was from New York and is quite familiar with proper tea parties and would put a proposal together for us.

Another restaurant, which is actually in an old house, thought it was a great idea but doesn't have any tea cups or know how to begin to host.  We were quite willing to work with them if they could at least put a menu together for us.  We liked the idea of an old house type setting.  Their food is actually delicious.

We would really like to have a holiday tea party but that will depend on the restaurants getting back to us in a timely manner.  However, (and this is a shocker - sheepish grin) we aren't the only ones wanting to host during this upcoming time of year, so we aren't expecting to hear back from them within the next couple days.  That's probably for the best since there is so much going on during the upcoming months.  Plus it will give the committee more time to gather gifts and other items.

After all, a nice and quiet afternoon with friends sipping hot tea on a cold day in January has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

P.S.,  When is your favorite time of year to host a tea party?

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