Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Bites (Appetizers / Tapas / Hors D'Oeuvres)

I might have to have another party so I can serve up these delectable delicacies.  Who wouldn't want to eat things that crawl or control our bodily functions?

I wonder if Megan was ever on one of those reality shows where the contestants have to eat bugs.  These stuffed cockroaches will be the hit of the party.
Gross Halloween Appetizers by Megan's Cookin
Stuffed Cockroaches (Goat Cheese Filled Dates)

Have you checked out Examiner for halloween tips?  Joanie Pimentel with Sunset Magazine came up with these creepy deviled eggs. 
Spider Eggs by Sunset Magazine
Spooky Spider Eggs

Nikki of Canary Girl is serving up some deliciously gross intestines.  Would you like yours savory or sweet?
Intestines, a Halloween appetizer by Canary Girl

In case the cockroaches, spiders and intestines weren't enough to get you hungry, how about a little slice of brain by KiffaKitty.
Brain Cake by KiffaKitty
Brain Cake

I'm so sorry!  I couldn't help myself.  When I came across this last one, it seemed to fit in with the other body organs.
Bleeding Heart Brie by Keen Observers
Bleading Heart Brie

In all seriousness, anything can be made ghoulish.  Using bat or bird cookie cutters to make shapes out of sandwiches or cookie dough, then using food coloring to make the mayonnaise or frosting black or red.  Can you picture using cookie cutters on meat slices then adding some spicy horseradish "blood"?

Red and a little Blue food color mixed with corn syrup adds instant blood drizzled over any dish.  Flavor your blood with vanilla, almond, or licorice.

Plastic spiders crawling across the food or frozen in ice cubes is another way to make the presentation that much creepier.

Light some candles, plug in the black lights, and add "cob webs" in the doorways for instant atmosphere.

P.S.,  What ghoulish food are you serving up this Halloween?

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