Wednesday, October 17, 2012

5 Must-Try Homemade Halloween Treats

There's so much more to Halloween than the candy.  I'm not really sure what that is, but there has to be. That's right; there is the getting dressed up in really cool costumes, going to parties, trick-or-treating, and of course making super yummy treats for special goblins.

Here are five adorable ideas to try this year.  Taking everyday food and making it into something else is kind of like being a super hero for a night.

Lisa of LilSugar came up with a cute version of Martha Stewart's Witch Cupcakes.
Wicked Witch Cupcakes by LilSugar
Wicked Witch Cupcakes

Martha Stewart, in her infinite wisdom, came up with these lollipops that feature worms and candy corn.
Martha Stewart Halloween Lollipops
Halloween Lollipops

Elizabeth LaBau celebrates candy of all kinds.  Her latest book "The Sweet Book of Candy Making" illustrates beautiful candies and photos throughout the process.  Step aside, Godiva, we're making our own truffles this year!
Elizabeth LaBau Vampire Truffles
Vampire Truffles

Kelly Senyei has come up with a fun way to not only entertain yourself but how to eat a candied apple.  Her stories are as delicious as her recipes.

Kelly Senyei's Candy Apples
Candy Apples

Alisa, author of "Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook", introduces us to Hanna Kaminsky's Coconut Joy Candy Bar.
Hannah Kaminsky's Coconut Joy Candy Bar
Go Dairy Free

Which treat are you going to try first?  Please help me decide which to make for an upcoming party.  I need to bring a dessert and am hopeless due to all the choices for Halloween.

Or, do you have a favorite crowd pleaser for adults and the children within us?

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