Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Children's Halloween Party Drinks

Children have the most fun at parties so why not make their drinks fun too!  Fete a Fete starts us off with some drinks, not exactly sure what is in them but let's say different juices or funky powdered drinks, in beakers and black straws giving us a mad scientist theme.  If you're ever looking for exquisite or unique party ideas, this is the go-to place.  Every detail is captured.
Beaker Beverages by Fete a Fete
Beaker Beverages

Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. has mixed us up one scary looking drink.  Orange soda and ice cream - I can handle.  Now add in gelatin and WOW! this is a totally different creature.
Igor-Ade by chemistry.about.com

Wes Martin of The Cooking Channel came up with this (lower calorie) version of the root beer float and the chocolate worm cake.
Cemetery Slime Punch by Wes Martin
Cemetery Slime Punch
Jacqueline at Purple Chocolat Home must have brought back some "fresh" water from her last vacation.  Now, I've heard of bringing home shells and other souvenirs but have to say not water.  Well, she didn't really bring it home with her but she did make it for a special someone.
Swamp Water by Purple Chocolat Home
Swamp Water

Kate at Our Best Bites has a potion that you might remember from Halloween parties at school.  I remember an orange sherbet, lemon/lime soda, and dry ice to make a "witches' brew".  We thought we were so cool drinking something that had something in it that we weren't even allowed to touch!
Mad Scientist Potion by Our Best Bites
Mad Scientist Potion

P.S.,  What Halloween party drink do you remember from years past?

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