Monday, October 8, 2012

Adult Halloween Beverages

Halloween drinks are really everyday drinks that have their name changed for the day or a little extra to make it more ghoulish - such as "legs", "fingers", "eyeballs" or "blood" dripping down the sides of the glass.

Let's start with Talk of Tomatoes' Black Widow and its creepy spider legs.  If you're into macabre, you might also enjoy the Black Dahlia.
Black Widow

For all you Roman and Greek Goddesses out there this month, here's a special drink for you to enjoy.  Not a goddess this year but the Queen of D'Nile (I meant to say the Queen of the Nile), you might have your favorite "someone" serve this with a straw or dangling some fruit for you to pluck as you wish.
Greek Goddess

Did you ever stop to think that the Mojito can be enjoyed throughout the year and not only in Miami?  Divine Dinner Party has created a spooky, swampy Mojito in honor of Halloween.  Picture a fog-induced room or "cemetery" as a scary setting for The Swamp Water.
Swamp Water

The Swamp Demon is another great drink for a "foggy" night.  "The Fog" or "Swamp Thing" are a couple movies that would be fantastic showing in the background.  The Nibble has re-vamped the Gimlet for this momentous occasion.
Swamp Demon

Speaking of "re-vamping", The Nibble, has another eery drink with gnarly fingers from a severed hand "climbing" out of the glass.
Vampire Elixir

After a month or a full evening of enjoying these specialty beverages, you might find yourself feeling like Drink of the Week's concoction.
Brain Hemorrhage

Are you brave enough to try one of these drinks?  What is your favorite "gross", "eerie", "disgusting" drink for Halloween?  Maybe a "Bloody Mary"?

P.S., Have a Spooktacular Halloween month!

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