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Clairol's Age Defy Expert Collection - A Product Review

Clairol Expert Collection Age Defy - Product Review by Substance of Living

I'm so happy to say that I am a BzzAgent and was able to sample Clairol's Age Defy Expert Collection in Light Brown.
Clairol's Age Defy Expert Collection full gray hair coverage by Substance of Living
AARGH the gray hair!

After coloring my hair I received responses and questions that prompted conversations such as: "Did you get your hair cut?"  "You look younger," and "What are you doing differently?"  When I explained that I colored my hair at home they were shocked that it wasn't professionally done.  In fact, my hair dresser complimented my hair color - that's saying A LOT!

Clairol's Age Defy Expert Collection full gray hair coverage by Substance of Living
I feel younger with the gray hair hidden and I really like the softness and manageability.

Clairol's Age Defy Expert Collection that covers the gray
Gray in the new hair growth
If you've never colored your hair or did so many years ago, this is a super easy product to use.  The smell is pleasant and the directions are easy to understand.  There are four individual packets inside each box marked 1, 2a, 2b, and 3.  Packet 1 is a pre-treatment to prepare your hair to fully accept the color.  Next you'll put on the gloves that are included in the box and add 2a into the 2b bottle.  Shake well and start adding according to the directions.  The last packet, number 3, is a color locking conditioner that you'll continue to use in place of your normal conditioner.  This conditioner helps maintain the color, shine and softness.

You may know this from reading this blog or by following me on facebook, twitter, google+, or pinterest but I'm a supporter of PETA and ASPCA.  I'm mentioning that because in my excitement to try this new hair color product that claimed it would give me complete gray hair coverage.  The R&D phase of the product never entered my mind... until the product was doing its thing on my hair and my conscience started speaking to me.  "Has this product ever been tested on animals?"  "Is my vanity to have 100% gray coverage worth any animal being tortured?"

Admittedly, I did allow the hair color to stay in my hair for the full time and completed the process.  I felt that if an animal or animals were hurt, that my completion was for them.  That sounds backwards, doesn't it?  To get to the bottom of matters, research was done through the internet.  Some of the sites visited were Wiki Answers, PETA, and Clairol, with surprising results.
Clairol's Age Defy Expert Collection in Light Brown by Substance of Living
Look - No Gray!  Really like how my hair color truly changed from a dark brown to light brown.

However, I didn't stop there.  I sent an email to Clairol - half expecting not to hear from them or at the most a vague response.

My email went like this: "Hi!  I love your hair color and cosmetic products but am having a personal dilemma.  Recently heard that your products are tested on animals during the research and developmental (or perhaps other) phases.  Can you please tell me the truth, and if you do test on animals which products can I use that have never been tested on animals?"

My email was sent on a Saturday evening and by Monday afternoon a nice response was received by Clairol.

"Thank you for contacting Clairol about our policy on research involving animals.  I appreciate your interest in our products and you giving me the opportunity to assist you. 

We are committed to improving lives with high quality products, and ensuring they are safe for people and the environment.  Animal research is an exceedingly rare event at P&G.  Today, we complete more than 99 percent of all safety evaluations without testing on animals. 

The remaining tiny percentage comes from studies required by law or in cases where there are no alternatives available.  We appreciate your dedication to this cause and support changes in laws and regulations around the world to reduce and eliminate unnecessary testing with animals.

We are passionate about continuing our progress in alternatives to research involving animals.

• We are a leader in alternatives to animal testing investing over $275 million, and helping to develop more than 50 proven alternative methods.
• We collaborate with governments and academia to promote acceptance of alternatives.  We actively share our discoveries so others can benefit from our progress, and our work has appeared in more than 1,000 scientific publications.
• We approach our research with respect, openness, and responsibility by using animals only as a last resort, working with animal welfare organizations, and ensuring the highest standards of care and with the fewest animals possible.

Thanks again for getting in touch with us.  I hope this information is helpful.

The Clairol Team"
Clairol's Age Defy Expert Collection in Light Brown by Substance of Living
I'm LOVING my light brown hair color sans gray!
I'm happy to have found a hair color product that is kind to animals, to my hair, my conscience, and of course covers my gray hair!

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