Thursday, July 18, 2013

Decorating with Bandanas

Bandanas have to be one of the most widely used pieces of fabric known to mankind.

Bandanas hid the faces of the bad guys (Bandits) in the old Western movies, they held back ladies' hair in the '70s,  bikers use them to keep the sweat from soaking into their helmets and of course keeping their hair nice and neat.  Bandanas are used as handkerchiefs, napkins, used to tie a pant leg so it doesn't get caught in a bicycle chain, and used as an over-all fashion statement.

Did you know that besides wearing a bandana, it can be used to decorate your home or next party/event?

Kates, the hostess of Kates Entertaining Ideas draws out her tables showing where everything goes.  Isn't that a great idea?  I need to start doing that in addition to pre-setting my table with dishes and labels.
Burlap and Bandana Table by Kates Entertaining Ideas
Burlap and Bandanas Table

Emma over at Hello Beautiful used her bandanas as a banner welcoming guests.
Bandana Banner by Hello Beautiful
Bandana Banner

I really like how Unique Baby Gear Ideas used bandanas around the table with the grass skirt as well as on the front and backs of each chair.  Doesn't this table look like it's sitting on top of a barrel of hey out in the barn?
Cowboy Western Bandana Baby Shower by Unique Baby Gear Ideas
Cowboy Bandana Table

Janet from The Painted Piglet shared a way to make everyone happy at a biker function.  In fact, Dollar Store Crafts showcased this project.
Bandana Floral Centerpiece by The Painted Piglet as seen on Dollar Store Crafts
Bandana Floral Centerpiece

Martha Stewart has a tutorial for a bandana tablecloth that is shown in this pretty silver color on Tip Junkie.  If you'd like to see the one Kendra from Me and My Insanity made it is red, white and blue.  Perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day celebrations.
Martha Stewart Bandana Tablecloth as seen on Tip Junkie

Amy from Tilly's Cottage made these absolutely adorable bandana pillows.  What an ideal way to bring in pops of color and personality.  If you add a zipper to the pillow cover, you can easily change out the look for each holiday or season.
Homemade Bandana Pillows by Tilly's Cottage
Bandana Pillows

Have you ever used bandanas to decorate?  What other ways can you see using bandanas?

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