Thursday, January 31, 2013

Patio Retaining Wall Ideas

Last year, when we had our new house built, we initially wanted a paver patio with a wall.  Then after further consderation, we opted not to have the builder install the patio.  We figured we would take some time and look around at patio flooring options.

We are so happy with our patio; the shape, size, type of paver used.  It looks like stone but is actually a paver.

We had the guys dig out an area completely around the patio so we could put in shrubs and other plants.  We still like that idea but now we are rethinking the wall.

In this first picture, I like the shape of the patio.  It resembles our patio shape a bit.  The wall around the outside is nice for additional seating and distinguishes the patio from the yard.

Patio with Seating Wall by Archadeck

This next patio is nice with the vegetation on the inside of the wall.  This is nice since the patio opens onto the back yard but doesn't actually add additional seating.  This is something of what we were considering but maybe with stacked flat stones as a bit of a wall between the shrubs and the yard.
Patio by MacQueen Designs

This resembles our patio floor so I can get a really good idea of what type of wall and top could be used.  Again, the vegetation on the inside of the wall really does look nice.  In fact, I like that some of the plants are on the inside while there is plenty of seating on the opposite wall.  It also looks like there is an entrance to the yard from the center.

The plants and wall are low enough to not block the view from the patio while sitting down.

Stone Wall Surrounding Stone Patio by Omni Stone Work

What do you think of the pillars at the ends of the wall where the patio leads out to the back yard?  Doesn't it make for a nice entrance?  Another architectural feature are the pillars dividing up the wall.  I also like the use of the planters along the inside of the wall and natural plant area on the yard side of the patio.
Patio and Wall by Kiefer Landscaping

Our patio has a real organic feel to it.  It isn't a typical kidney shape so I really like how this patio wall steps down.  Can the tiered end of the wall be close to the house and then use the pillars to go out to the yard in the center of the patio?  Notice that the grill is tucked up closer to the house and the seating is out towards the yard putting more emphasis on the entertaining and relaxing part rather than the cooking.  Plus with the grill closer to the house, fewer steps in and out to the kitchen.

The tier steps of the wall resemble a waterfall so we may need to have the pillars towards the house and the tier steps going out to the yard with some actual steps.  This way we can have a waterfall up by the house flowing out and down.  This might be more in line with the Feng Shui  principles and maybe -just maybe- we (I) can sneak in a small propane fire pit somewhere.

Patio by Jacksonville Backyard

Whew! My brain is working overtime now.  Nice thing about living in the South is that we can start talking with a landscaper to build our wall.  Who knows, if we're quick enough and can get on their schedule, the wall will be up in time for spring planting.

What do you think about these wall ideas?  Do you have some suggestions or websites we should consider?  What about the materials to build the wall?

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