Visual Board

Visual Boards are powerful messages you send out to the Universe by using the Law of Attraction.  When you send messages out into the Universe you are enabling your goals to become reality.  You are telling the Universe what you what. 

Join us by sending in your Visual Board and telling about your message to substanceofliving[at]gmail[dot]com.

Allow others to share in your excitement and dreams.


My Visual Board is taped to the wall above the computer so I can see it every time I'm at my desk.  I view my Visual Board as a work-in-progress, much like my life.  I add to it, move thoughts around and watch my progress.

Since cutting out pictures and words from various magazines, my patio is on its way to looking like the one in the photo titled "Sit Back & Relax". 

Visual Board by Substance of Living
My Visual Board - April 2013

I'm so excited to see your Visual Board!