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Black Pirate - A Cocktail Recipe

Black Pirate - A Cocktail Recipe by Substance of Living
Black Pirate

If you're over 21 years of age (that's the legal drinking age in the United States), this is a drink you'll enjoy during the cold weather.  It's also a nice drink over ice to stay cool in the summer heat.

You may be aware of a drink called a Black Jamaican or My Maria that has Myer's Rum and Tia Maria.  This Black Pirate is our version.

Can you see yourself serving up this nice drink at a fall or Halloween party?  The name alone makes me think of a movie screening party, pirate party, or a fun night of adult mischief including a scavenger hunt.
Black Pirate - A Cocktail Recipe by Substance of Living

Black Pirate - A Cocktail Recipe by Substance of LivingLike most things, creation is born from necessity.  Well, it wasn't necessary that DH and I have a drink, but it does coincide with our game of choosing something new to try on a regular basis.  Anywhoo! We wanted to make a Black Jamaican but didn't have Myer's Rum and certainly didn't have Tia Maria.  I mean, do you?  But like many people, we did have some rum - which happened to be a spiced rum, and we had a coffee liqueur on hand.

Did you know that there are many substitutes if you don't have a particular alcohol on hand?  For example, any coffee flavored liqueur could be substituted for Tia Maria or Kahlua.  If a recipe calls for a dry Riesling wine and you don't have any then try a white table wine.  The white table wine won't be as dry or carry a specific flavor such as a Chardonnay will so it will work better.


1 oz. Spiced Rum
1 oz. Coffee Flavored Liqueur

Black Pirate - A Cocktail Recipe by Substance of Living


  • If you are serving this drink warm, combine the ingredients and heat in a crock pot (if making a signature drink for a gathering) or warm in the microwave for maybe 20 seconds.  This is meant to be warm, not hot.  Serve in a cordial glass or a coffee cup.  Enjoy with some whipped cream and maybe a cinnamon stick.
  • If you want to enjoy this drink cold, then fill a rocks glass with ice and combine the ingredients.  Again, a nice dollop of whipped cream would be nice.
  • We used Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Reserve and Kahlua Liqueur.
Black Pirate - A Cocktail Recipe by Substance of Living
Black Pirate - A Cocktail Recipe by Substance of Living
Look at that whipped cream floating down into the warm drink. YUM!
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If you do try this recipe, please drink responsibly and do not drive.

Hey!  Let us know what you think of this drink and if you tried something different.

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