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Barbecue Salmon Salad

Barbecue Salmon Salad by Substance of Living
Barbecue Salmon Salad Sandwich

Besides anything Italian as far as food goes with DH, I believe tuna salad is a close second.

Almost a month ago, I slipped in a six-pack of canned Pink Salmon along with the canned tuna into our cart at Costco.  Upon arriving home DH noticed the salmon and wondered (aloud) if I'd made a mistake thinking I'd picked up another type of tuna.

I (sheepishly) told him that I had not but thought it would be fun to try.  Again, he wondered (aloud) what we were going to do with canned salmon and wasn't it full of bones that need to be picked out?  This salmon was labeled Alaskan Wild Caught, Skinless and Boneless. 

I crossed my fingers and gathered my courage (several weeks later) and tackled the canned salmon.   To my surprise, there really weren't any fillers, like the salmon burgers we've tried, and the meat was flaky not fatty.
Canned Salmon with Chopped Onions by Substance of Living
Canned Salmon with Chopped Onions
When I was little, I remember one of my Aunts used to make smoked salmon salad and I was trying to come up with something similar but without using liquid smoke.  So, I opted for Thick and Spicy Barbecue Sauce by Walden Farms.
Options for Salmon Salad by Substance of Living
Optional Ingredients for Salmon Salad

I have to admit, as adventurous as DH is, I think deep down he was a little worried.  He was probably wondering if I'd finally lost my bag of marbles.

Then he was pleasantly surprised.  In fact, it was his idea to heat it up and serve it more like a Sloppy Joe style sandwich.

He is such a smart man.  Don'tcha think?!

Mixing the Barbecue Salmon Salad by Substance of Living
Mixing the Salmon Salad

Barbecue Salmon Salad Ingredients:

3 Cans Salmon, drained
1 Cup Barbecue Sauce
1 Small Onion or 1/2 a Medium Onion


Chop Onion and mix all the ingredients together.  Served chilled or heat in the microwave or on the stove.

Ways to Serve and Enjoy:

  • Over Crostini
  • Toasted Sandwich
  • Stuffed and baked in Mushrooms
  • On a Bun
  • Salmon Loaf
Barbecue Salmon Salad Sandwich by Substance of Living
Barbecue Salmon Salad Sandwich
This really brought back a lot of childhood memories of spending weekends with my Aunt.  She made the simplest food exquisite. 

Even though I was a child, my Aunt still set the table.  One of my first solo visits, I asked my Aunt if we were celebrating a holiday or someone's birthday.  I couldn't believe how fancy the table was set.  She used china for her everyday dishes, cloth napkins even at lunch, and fancy iced teas.  In fact, she put the chips in a bowl.  She didn't plop the whole bag down.

Looking back on it, I think she was trying to make me feel special and maybe not so homesick.  To this day, I like to slow down once in awhile and set a full table even if it's lunchtime.  Put a few sprigs of fresh mint in my tea and use sparkly colored sugar over my grapefruit.

Remember eating S'mores around a campfire, hotdogs at the ball field or eating popcorn at the movie theater?  What foods remind you most of your childhood?  What childhood memories do you recreate in the kitchen?

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